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Why You Should Buy Captive-Bred Fish

Why You Should Buy Captive-Bred Fish

Gone are the days when keeping a saltwater fish tank was just for the expert breeders. Thanks to technology, today even a beginner can do it and succeed in the hobby.

In the same view, where the fish come from has also changed – some are just bred while others are wild-caught. But which of these is advisable overall for you to buy?

We’ll talk about that in a minute. First, let’s understand what a captive-bred fish is.

What is a Captive-bred fish?

Captive-bred fish are simply fish that were bred and spent all their lives in an aquarium. In other words, a captive-bred fish is any fish bred in captivity. This covers any species bred in a fish farm or even your type of home aquarium.

Unlike a wild-caught fish, a captive-bred fish is not exposed to disease and pathogens.

Sometimes at a fish store, you can find fish labeled as tank raised. Such a category of fish was captured as fry and cared for in a tank.

You should keep in mind that fish captive-bred fish have a higher tolerance to aquarium conditions. Of course, this is worth considering why you should keep them in your fish tank.

How do Captive-bred Fish compare to Wild-caught fish?

Some hobbyists will choose wild-caught fish because of their colors and true nature. Another category of people are supporters of captive-bred fish because they consider the effect of changing the natural habitat on the overall fish health.

Well, this can be a personal preference.

Captive-bred fish

Generally, captive-bred fish are hardier. And so, they tend to live longer and are easier to care for than wild-caught fish.

In addition to being a great addition to your fish tank, captive-bred encourages people to get into the hobby. For one, they reduce the need to take wild-caught fish from the freshwater world.

Despite all attempts and regulations to curb unhealthy practices of fish collecting, some people still break the laws. Hence, buying captive fish can help in a way to eliminate the chances of making the hobby lawless.

Wild-caught fish

According to some people, wild-caught fish have better genetic strength. To them, the fact that they spent their entire life in the wild gives them an edge over captive-bred fish. Well, this is not so true.

The strength of a fish or how it can cope in the fish tank depends on the breeder.


Reasons you should buy captive-bred fish

So, here are a few reasons you should choose captive-breed fish:

  1. Captive-bred fish have a higher tolerance to aquarium conditions. Because their life has always been in the tank, captive-bred fish hardly show signs of stress. In most cases, you won’t need to carry them from one location to another.
  2. Captive-bred fish show more resistance to disease and parasites. Keeping them in your reef tank reduces their chances of getting sick.
  3. When you opt for captive fish, you give breeders reasons to produce more fish. Moreover, purchasing captive-bred will enhance them to innovative research methods to breed new fish.

Final Piece

Basically, the choice of fish to buy depends on individual preferences. However, your decision to buy a captive-bred fish helps general aquarium life. Well, be sure to do your research and check each of their requirements, from environmental to behavioral demands.

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