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What to Consider When Buying A Reef Tank

Maintaining a reef tank is not as difficult as many beginners think. It just requires some primary considerations. The following are what to consider when buying a reef tank.

Here Are 5 Things You Should Consider When Buying A Reef Tank

1 of 5. Research and Planning

The first thing to do if you’re ever planning to keep a reef tank is research. You need to know the type of corals to maintain, the reef tank’s size, the placing, and more. Think of the first impression of a saltwater aquarium that made you consider owning one.

Some people want a community reef tank – one where they mix fish and corals. Others could be just corals or a particular fish. It all depends on your choice.

Whatever you decide to keep, consider reef tank size within your budget and required parameters like light, skimmer, live rock, etc. Ask yourself questions about changing water, the system’s power draw, and replacing metal halide bulbs.

It’s better to be sure you can afford to keep an aquarium to waste money investing from the start.

2 of 5. Size of the Tank

The next thing you want to do after planning is decide on the tank size that suits your preferences.

The tank’s size depends on certain factors: your budget, livestock choices, and the space available to you.

Although cheaper, don’t be tempted to start with a little aquarium. They tend to create more problems later on than the bigger ones. Usually, the bigger the tank, the better it is.

Also, in terms of water chemistry, the larger tanks are preferable to the smaller ones. This is because the latter will require slower changes than the former.

Don’t forget to consider the available space you’ve got while shopping for a large aquarium! Keep the tank far from the door or windows and avoid direct sunlight. You can measure the dimension you want and compare it with what you find online.



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Further details on what to consider when buying a reef tank

3 of 5. Lighting

Proper lighting contributes a significant factor to the success of your marine tank. As expected, corals will need light to survive as photosynthetic animals. Start from the low intensity and observe.

On the other hand, be careful not to expose the tank to direct sunlight as it can cause unwanted algae blooms.

When purchasing a light, it’s crucial to consider the type of corals you want to keep and your tank’s size.

4 of 5. Adding Fish and Corals

Once your fish tank is biologically stable, you can gradually add fish and corals. It’s advisable to start slow when adding fish and invertebrates as too many can disrupt your cycle and eventually cause problems.

When it’s time to add corals, we recommend starting with hardy corals like zoanthids or mushrooms. They come in various colors and quickly fill up your aquarium space.

Avoid changing the water when your aquarium is undergoing its biological process.

5 of 5. Aquarium Maintenance

Water Change

In a marine system, water changes effectively remove nutrients such as nitrates and ammonia from the tank. While one needs to monitor several parameters, one must regularly keep water changes in check.

The live rock converts nitrates into nitrogen gas – a process called denitrification.

Cleaning Protein Skimmer

Protein skimmers are one of the dirtiest equipment you should always give your attention to. They help you eliminate dissolved organic compounds from the water system before being processed by the biological filter.

Not just the protein skimmers, ensure you clean your canister filter or power filter once or twice per week.

Cleaning Aquarium Glass

Sometimes, cleaning aquarium glass can be challenging. However, utilizing the right tools will leave your tank clean and tidy.

Use a magnetic scraper whenever you need to clean your aquarium glass for effectiveness and safety.


You can agree that this information is just all you need to own a saltwater tank. If you need help at any point, feel free to contact us at Radical Reefs.

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