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What are the Benefits of Weekly Water Changes

What are the Benefits of Weekly Water Changes

The vast benefits of weekly water changes in a fish tank are not even debatable. In addition to avoiding a toxic water environment, this maintenance practice is important for optimal fish health. By replacing dirty water from your tank with fresh water, you will always replenish lost useful elements that add up to a healthy water environment for your fish and corals.

By simply removing old dirty water from your tank, you are sure to have a successful aquarium. Read further to discover additional benefits of weekly water change.

4 Benefits of Weekly Water Changes

#1 Remove and dilute nitrate concentration

Harmful ammonia and nitrite are readily available poisonous compounds in the reef tank. While some are visible, some are not. During the biological filtration process, these compounds are converted into less degradable nitrate by nitrifying bacteria.

Unlike ammonia and nitrite, most aquariums lack the required conditions to use up nitrates. So, it accumulates over time, and of course, it’s harmful to the water environment. A high concentration of nitrates levels can stress the fish. If left untreated, the fish and sensitive corals will become prone to disease and will suffer from poor growth.

The primary benefit of weekly water changes is to dilute nitrate concentration in your fish tank leaving little or no nitrate compositions.

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#2 Removes accumulated chemicals and compounds

Apart from nitrate, changing water in your aquarium help get rid of other chemicals and compounds. If left untreated, high levels of these harmful compounds will cause problems in the water surrounding them.


#3 Improve water clarity

Weekly water changes help remove discolouration, dirt, and sludge build-up from the aquarium. This can result in a serious problem for the fish if it is left undisturbed.

In addition to the cleaning benefit, clean water helps optimal light intensity pass through the water surface required for ideal grоwth оf photosynthetic corals аnd invertebrates. On the other hand, you can water houseplants with the water removed from the aquarium as it contains fertilizer.


#4 Replenish trace elements and essential minerals

Marine creatures require an adequate supply of minerals and trace elements to keep on their activities. While they get these elements from food as well as the water, they can soon run of out them. Sometimes, the substances disappear as a result of filtration. So, the minerals and elements can be exhausted if you don’t fill up.

One of the benefits of weekly water changes is that it helps to restore and maintain all trace elements for the creatures.


How Often Should I Change the Water in Your Aquarium?

As a rule of thumb, never remove the entire water content in your tank. Whenever you do this, the water conditions drastically change and affect the system. In addition to stressing your fish, the useful bacteria that have been long cultivated will be washed away.

So, it’s recommended to remove small composition of water, say 15-20% of volume, from the tank. No matter what the initial problem is, changing the entire water will even worsen the condition. If there’s a serious problem, you may take out the first 20% and watch if there’ll be improvement before repeating the same process.

Although it may be tempting to quickly remove all the water to solve the issue, this will only be detrimental to your fish. Perhaps you want to do this so that you won’t need to repeat the process for another month, it’ll affect the water chemistry.

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