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How to Choose the Right UV Steriliser for Your Aquarium

Choosing the right UV steriliser for your aquarium is very important. While it’s not so mandatory, a UV steriliser helps prevent disease or algae in the fish tank.

This article will help you understand what UV sterilisers are, their benefits, and also guide you to making the ideal choice.

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What is an Aquarium UV Steriliser?

Before we proceed, let’s discuss what the UV steriliser is and how it works.

Firstly, the UV (ultraviolet) light

The UV light falls between visible light and X-rays along the electromagnetic spectrum. Its wavelength ranges between about 100 and 380 nanometres (nm).

This type of radiation is undetectable by the human eye. However, its effect can be visible. For instance, you’ll get sunburnt if exposed to too much sunlight is as a result of UV light.

Moving on, the Aquarium UV Steriliser

The UV light present in the aquarium steriliser makes it effective.

A UV steriliser is a device used for filtration in the water to keep your tank safe. Your fish will die in a polluted water environment. And hence, the need for filters.

In simple terms, the steriliser draws in water and lets it pass through some cleaning processes. They expose microorganisms to radiation, kill them, and release clean water to the tank.

UV sterilisers are available in various sizes and shapes. However, several factors such as the size of your tank and preferences will influence your buying decisions.


How to Choose the Right UV Steriliser for Your Aquarium?

Consider the following factors:

#1 Bulb Voltage or Power of the Bulb

The power rating of the bulb is the radiation intensity of your steriliser.

Generally, bulbs with higher voltage can kill more microorganisms than the weaker ones. However, the right rating for your tank will depend on the aquarium size and the kind of problem you want to eliminate.

Also, choosing the right bulb rating will depend on the type of fish tank you keep.

As a rule of thumb, use 10 watts per 75 gallons of saltwater.

10 watts per 150 gallons volume of fresh water.

#2. Flow Rate (measured in GPH)

Under normal circumstances, a larger flow rate results in a shorter exposure time. While a smaller flow rate gives a longer exposure time.

When the flow rate is too fast, viruses and bacteria will pass through without being exposed to the UV light. Invariably, when the rate is too slow, it will make the water too hot and will cause an overall increase in the tank’s temperature.

Therefore, choosing an appropriate UV steriliser that matches the water flow rate of your aquarium is important.


Perks of Using a UV Steriliser

The primary reason hobbyists use UV sterilisers is to eliminate algae, bacteria, or parasites. This ultimately improves the overall health of your fish tank.

Therefore, choosing the right UV steriliser for your aquarium will help avoid or control diseases by destroying the pathogens. This means you’ll be free from algae blooms or bacteria blooms. Thereby, keeping your fish safe and healthy.

Also, using the appropriate UV steriliser can improve the redox balancing of the water.


Finally, How Long Does a UV Steriliser Take to Work?

For whatever reason, you want to use a steriliser, keep in mind that it won’t solve the problem instantly. Normally, it takes 24-48 hours for the bacterial or algae bloom to clear off. Sometimes, it can take 3-5 days.

When you have achieved your aim, ensure to turn off the UV steriliser.

Keep in mind that parasites require much exposure to UV to be eliminated. So, it may take longer days than the regular bacterial or algae bloom.

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