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How to Choose the Right Dosing Pump for Your Saltwater Aquarium

How to Choose the Right Dosing Pump for Your Saltwater Aquarium

Want to know how to choose the right dosing pump for your saltwater aquarium? It’s a common thing among beginner hobbyists to sometimes panic when it comes to making the ideal choice. After all, you’re not yet an expert and probably have no plans for advanced reefing and coral fragging.

Well, you’re not alone! It can be a bit daunting.

Expanding a saltwater fish tank after keeping a small one for a while requires proper planning. And among other factors, finding the right dosing pump is an essential consideration. This article will guide you in your decision to purchase an ideal dosing pump.

Let’s first talk about what a dosing pump is.

What is a dosing pump?

A dosing pump is a device that pumps a set level of liquid by automation when you install it into the tank. These devices help you maintain the level of several parameters, including calcium and magnesium in your tank. Other cool features like aquarium controller compatibility and controllable flow rates make dosing pumps worth the hype.

When used with other saltwater tank tools like protein skimmer and UV sterilizer, you can rest easy knowing your fish will thrive. On the other hand, nothing beats having an automated tool like a dosing pump!

That said, let’s dive into how you can choose the right dosing pump.



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How to Choose the Right Dosing Pump for Your Saltwater Aquarium?

To select the ideal dosing pump for your tank, you must consider the following factors:

  1. The size of your aquarium
  2. The type of tank you’re keeping, i.e. either freshwater or saltwater
  • The types of fish or corals you have
  1. Lastly, your budget

That said, choosing the right dosing pump for your aquarium requires careful selection. You’ve to think about creating an environment that helps your corals thrive. Corals are sensitive animals. And they need the right proportions of essential elements, such as calcium and magnesium to grow their skeleton mass.

Don’t forget about trace elements. You must also ensure proper dosing of elements such as iron and strontium. While you can dose manually, having an auto system in place is probably the best approach.


How Do You Dose an Aquarium?

Using high-quality test kits at the same interval consistently helps you with a precise reading of your corals’ consumption value. This way, you can replenish in the right proportions.

Calibration of testing kits

Ensure that your kits are well-calibrated for accurate dosing. Here are two ways to calibrate a dosing kit:

  • Run the kit for an amount per minute reading.
  • Put a measuring vial under the dosing pipe and take the dosing amount at that particular time.

Testing kits maintenance

Maintain your dosers. Keep spare parts. Change parts such as diaphragms, rollers, and hoses, before they wear out.

Clean pumps regularly to avoid dust and debris.

How About Magnetic Stirrers?

Magnetic stirrers help us in placing our dosing solution reservoir on. Then, a small paddle is dropped into the reservoir and it’s spun consistently.


Concluding Thoughts

There you have it. A thorough guide to choosing the right dosing pump for your saltwater aquarium.

As discussed, dosing pumps are great for anyone keeping reef as they allow for automated dosing of essential nutrients. Thereby, keeping your fish thriving and healthy.

Overall, the Jebao Auto Dosing Pump DP-4 is our top pick that ticks all boxes. In addition to being very easy to use, setting it up doesn’t cost a fortune.

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